The Mad Housers

6x8 Huts


The Housers have been building tall huts since the 1980s; the design, like the huts themselves, have stood the test of time. These huts have a six by eight floor with a six by six loft, creating a little over eighty square feet of total floorspace. Furthermore, these huts are large enough to heat safely with our emergency heating stove - an important consideration during the winter.

We have two types of roof for our huts - a symmetric "classic" gabled roof and an asymmetric saltbox roof called the hi-hat. The Housers no longer use the gabled roof; although it has fewer construction gotchas than the saltbox roof, it takes longer to assemble in the field and doesn't offer the ventilation, headspace, and light advantages of the hi-hat.

We recommend the hi-hat for folks who want to actually occupy the loft space; if it's only ever going to be used for storage, the gabled roof is okay.

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